Making and listening to music – welcome to the new imagoDei study cycle

Faire et écouter de la musique

An invitation to a year of progress together!

What if artists and theologians could benefit from working hand in hand ? Wouldn’t it greatly enrich our work both in church and society ?

Imagine a singer knocking on the door of his friend, a doctor of theology, asking him to refine his next composition from the point of view of Christian doctrine. Likewise, the doctor could in turn seek advice from his music-loving friend, to make his future presentation more lively, creative and digestible!

This collaborative work would greatly enrich our artistic and theological communities, and would be nothing less than a complete reflection of the complementary gifts that God has placed among human beings.

The project: 7 masterclasses (in French) + 3-day residency for musicians and theologians in Brussels

Video in French with no subtitle

The benefit: expand your knowledge and flourish through conversation

Looking for inspiration? Music professionals regularly express a need for it in their work. This study cycle makes it possible by offering you theological enrichment that inspires your artistic expression.

It will be a unique contribution to your practice. Not only does the cycle offer a better approach to music for professionals, but it will enable you to go deeper into the depths of this art and of Christian thought. It will also enable you to meet other like-minded professionals. Great conversations are in store!

There’s something in it for theologians too: they will be given an artistic and musical perspective. This unique cycle offers them a new way of apprehending, perceiving, understanding and “reading” the world around them.

Guest musician and theologian: Jeremy Begbie

Jeremy Begbie

Jeremy Begbie specializes in the interface between theology and the arts. He is particularly interested in the interaction between music and theology. A professionally trained musician, he has performed extensively as a pianist, oboist and conductor. He tours extensively as a lecturer. He is an ordained minister of the Church of England.

Among his previously published works, the following highlight the conversation between theology and music:

  • Resounding Truth
  • Theology, Music and Time
  • Music, Modernity, and God

Here’s a video in which Jeremy Begbie shares his personal testimony, his influences, and talks about his book Resounding Truth, which will form the basis of his talks at the residency. You’ll find it here.

An associate professional musician: Meak


Meak is a French author, composer and performer who lays down carefully crafted rhymes over instrumental tracks concocted by himself. Through the finesse and depth of his lyrics, this lyricist offers us a powerfully different message, freshly drenched in humor and love. This invigorating musical poetry blends perfectly with the soulful harmonies and hip-hop rhythms that surround it.


A residency in May 2024: precious time for a change of pace

Our « Making and listening to music » event will be held near Brussels (Belgium) from 8-12 May 2024 on the Château d’Argenteuil campus. It will feature lots of great content and experiences.

  • 2 lectures and 1 workshop by Jeremy Begbie
    • Music in God’s World
    • Music in God’s Calling
    • Music’s Singular Powers
  • 4 contributions by theologians on questions raised by musicians
    • Music and the Triune God
    • Music in a created universe
    • Music and the religious sentiment
    • The ethics of the music market
  • ‘Professional and theological resonances’ : various contributions from music industry professionals
  • ‘Musical and theological resonances’ : various contributions by musicians
  • Testimonies
  • Small-group discussions
  • Jam sessions each evening and a small concert on Saturday 11 May

This residency is a sensitive and aesthetic experience of this search for complementarity between music and theology. It is a lively conversation where everyone (artists, professionals, amateurs, church leaders, teachers…) exchanges views and shares reflections in a collaborative spirit.

A time set aside to meet people, exchange, compose, perform and listen to music.

Practical information

  • Venue: Sq. d’Argenteuil, 1410 Waterloo, Belgium
  • Meals: Lunches and dinners will be taken on-site (included in the registration fee).
  • Accommodation: A 4-night stay (included in the overall registration fee) is available at the Ibis Waterloo hotel.
  • Need information ? Write here.

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7 online masterclasses (in French), from September 2023 to March 2024

  • September: « Music: a messaging vehicle? » by Meak
  • October: « Jesus plays the flute: a metaphor for the musician’s life » by Olivier Barrucand and Estienne Rylle
  • November: « Musical resonance of the Old Testament: Lamentation » by Olivier Barrucand and Fred Landes
  • December: « Music, an integral experience: body, community, expression » by Christel Lamère and Didier Likeng
  • January: « Theology, Music and Time », a conversation between Jean-Luc Gadreau and Eva Klein on a text by Jeremy Begbie
  • February: « Rethinking music in its political and social role », a conversation between Jean-Luc Gadreau and Alexia Rabé on a text by Jeremy Begbie
  • March: « Rethinking music in its sensitivity to the infinity of sound », a conversation between Jean-Luc Gadreau and Elsie Pomier on a text by Jeremy Begbie

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