English presentation: “échographie de la mode” (event)

échographie de la mode

Fashion, an Ultrasound

Rendez-vous for a “thought-provoking show”.


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Have you ever wondered about the origin of your clothes, the social impact of their manufacture, the intellectual rights linked to their design, or the eco-responsibility of the materials used?

These and many other questions, which are common among fashion, business and political professionals, are those of corporate social responsibility. When they are raised, the words that recur are: future, responsibility, ethics, concerns, conscience, virtue, human.

They touch on major, profound, existential issues: exploitation, ethics, and redemption.

imagoDei invites you to Geneva for its 4th annual event to explore these crucial issues through a meeting and a show combining expert reflections, fashion show, musical performance and immersion of the senses. With the participation of Audrey Millet, PhD in history, anthropologist in fashion ecosystems, author of Le Livre noir de la mode.

Practical info

  • Date: Saturday, 20 January, 2024
  • Time: 4 p.m. for th Salon, Conférence sensible from 5 p.m.
  • Price: CHF 30. Includes two drinks and snacks. (Student rate: CHF 15)
  • Venue: rue Jean-Charles Amat 1, 1202 Genève
  • Childcare provided (free)


Are you a student? Register here.

Event overview:

Faced with today’s crisis of meaning and challenges, we need honest, deep, spiritual conversations. From all over the French-speaking world, artists, thinkers and decision-makers come together at imagDei to ask the right questions, to re-explore the meaning of life: in the name of information, enlightenment and a healthy spirit.

At imagoDei, we believe that intelligent, enlightened thinking that values biblical history, thought and culture, as well as their contemporary resonance, can provide answers to the questions that affect us all. Our aim? To shed light on the tensions present in our society in crisis of meaning, and to show that another way of thinking is possible.

The event will take place in three major moments:

Le Salon :

    • Come and meet the imagoDei team and communities, and discover the event’s authors and partners in a retrospective exhibition about its creation.

La Conférence sensible :

    • A journey in five acts, combining profound thought and artistic creation to explore the economic, human and sustainable dimensions of our industries.
    • Talks: Audrey Millet (PhD in history, specialist in the fashion industry), Elsie Pomier (conceptual and artistic director in fashion design), Christel Lamère Ngnambi (political scientist and consultant, CEO of imagoDei)
    • Music: Estienne Rylle, Rémon Jr., StereoSnap, chœur gospel SOVA
    • Fashion show


    • A convivial post-event moment for (existential?) chats between guests and speakers over a drink.


For further information, please contact us at : contact@imagodei.fr.

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